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I Wrote Personalized Poems For You, Inspired by Life's Seasons

To everyone who attended my first book signing for 211 Blue: The Story of The Chameleon Cop, thank you for supporting me and showing me love.

I'm incredibly grateful I was able to share the story of co-writing my late father's memoir with you. In fact, I was so touched by the experience, I decided to keep the door open a little bit longer for anyone who didn't get a chance to snag a signed copy in person.

That's how this pre-order project was born: the deal was, you order a signed copy of 211 Blue and I mail it to you—along with a personalized poem that aimed to capture your unique essence in a loving, observant snapshot.

Thank you to everyone who was brave enough to trust me with your lovely vulnerability. Below are some of my favorite poems from the project—pieces I'm particularly proud to have brought to life. May these moments in time be arrested forever; thank you again for letting me peek into your world.

Interested in ordering your own signed copy and receiving a personalized poem that taps into the current season of life you're navigating? Contact me today and let's discuss.

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