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"Taylor Engle is one of the most reliable writers and freelancers I've ever worked with. Her positive energy and desire for constant growth is inspiring. If you get a chance to work with her, don't hesitate."

- Gregory Frye, Story Gurus Founder and Executive Editor at The Bluntness

"From editorial to PR, Taylor writes from a genuinely inspired place of care. In turn, her writing sparks that same inspiration for our readers and feels like a call to action. She’s a rare talent. I’d recommend her to any editor or brand in a heartbeat."

- Alina Nguyen, Brand Strategist and Editor at MedMen

"Taylor Engle is the go-to writer of choice for all of my most important Rapper-turned-Entrepreneur copy. Ever since I was introduced to Taylor via phone interview for Hip-Hop blog Passion Weiss in January 2020, I knew that the depth in which she inquired about art and the poetic scope through which she saw artists, our culture, and the world we all share was special. She caught my writer's eye with a little old-fashioned resonance as she described the heartbreak that she was witnessing through my music as: "A stagnant torture that everyone has suffered at some point." She continues to prove her skill and sophistication in the work we do together today. Taylor just recently updated my artist bio for 2023 as I prepare to drop a new album. THANKS, TAYLOR, I LOVE YOUR WORK!"

- Blimes, Rapper and Entrepreneur

“Taylor’s prowess as a PR professional and writer has helped me land many media placements. The art of her craft as it relates to storytelling has positively impacted numerous social media campaigns and articles that she has developed.” 

- Maya Koshaba, NYC-based Actress

"I first met Taylor through mg Magazine. She reached out as a staff writer featuring my design firm. The print story turned out great, and I really enjoyed working with Taylor. A few weeks later, I enlisted her publicist services for my firm. Taylor has a lot of experience in different industries, which makes her excellent writing very dynamic. She succeeded in getting my firm covered by a variety of publications. She's also a good listener and communicator, which made the overall process very enjoyable. I highly recommend Taylor’s services!"

- Alice Kuo, Founder and Principal Designer at Caisson Studios

"Taylor is one of the partners that we've grown to rely on and her work is always professional, reliable and on-time!"

- Peter Vogel, CEO at Leafwire

"Taylor has been an asset to my team, managing the PR and social media marketing side of things. She has increased my visibility to reach my target market, and has consistently and creatively developed winning marketing materials that have improved my ROI."

- Isabel Varela, Sustainably-Minded Fashion Designer, Artist, Advocate, Keynote Speaker, and Life Coach

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